Primary Contacts

Grand Cities Children's Choir 2400 47th Ave S
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Melanie Popejoy, Artistic DirectorPhone: (701) 777-2818

Kecia Peters, Managing DirectorPhone: (701) 746-2205 #7107


How to Become a Member of GCCC

Children must audition to participate in GCCC. Children in Grades 3 - 9 are eligible to join one of our choirs. If selected, children are required to participate for a full concert season, September through April. Fees include tuition for the whole year and cost for a uniform. This information is detailed in Our Choirs section.

Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings throughout the school year, with full choir performances in November/January and April. Some individual choirs also have additional performances scheduled throughout the year, such as a special invitation or group-sponsored event.

GCCC holds auditions in the Fall and Spring to participate in the upcoming school year. Students must reserve an audition time on these dates.

For our children who attend homeschool or private schools, the child must be 8 years old prior to August 1 in order to audition for Poco Voce, our 3rd grade choir. This is to remain consistent with the age regulations set by the Grand Forks Public Schools.

Fall Auditions - September 4 & 6, 2018
4:30 - 7:00 pm
Auditions by appointment only
Red River High School Music Department

If you have difficulty using our web-based scheduling, please contact Melanie Popejoy or Kecia Peters (see contact info in sidebar) to schedule or change your audition appointment.

Because GCCC functions on a continuum of learning thoughout the year, children are not allowed to join our organization mid-year. Exceptions to this policy have been made for children moving into the Greater Grand Forks area in the middle of the school year and have participated in a children's choir in their previous community. Please contact us with any questions regarding this policy.