Tori Remer - Graduate of 2010

Tori Remer
There’s so much stuff I can write about since I have been in GCCC since 4th grade (which was the youngest choir back then). I remember being in Fargo at a hotel with my dad. He was reading the Herald and saw an ad for a children’s choir and asked me if I wanted to join. I said, “Sure!” because I hadn’t really sung before. Before long I had my audition and I had never been so scared in my life. But Ms. Brooks and Mrs. Popejoy made it a breeze and soon enough I was put into Accordo Voce with Ms. Brooks as a director for 2 years and Mr. Bronfman one year.

I was then transferred to Primo Voce in seventh grade and it was the coolest thing for me because I was with the older kids! So I traded in my plaid skirt and sweater vest for a dress, and went to join the older kid choir. I had a blast that year; I met new friends, learned new techniques, sang some of my most favorite songs ever, and had fun working with everyone. My favorite songs from Primo Voce were “That Ever I Saw”, “Out on the Mira”, and “Omnia Soul.

The following year when I was in eighth grade I found out I got into Divo Voce and I was surprised because I didn’t think I was a very good singer. I was again with the older kids, along with fellow eighth graders like Cole, Kenzie, Laura, and Rachel. It had to have been one of the highlight years in GCCC mostly because of performing at Bismarck. I still can’t describe how that was, just the music was so powerful and it felt like everyone could take part in it. One of my first memories of that year was opening my folder and singing “Farvel”. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to sing that song since I heard the older choir sing it for a concert at United Lutheran; and singing it was a highlight in my life. Along with that, my other favorite songs of that year had to have been “Two Brothers”, “You Stole my Love”, “Come Sweet Death”, and “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”.

This year has been great too. It’s sad to think that this will be my last year singing in the choirs besides being a GG. Mrs. Popejoy has been, well…a joy to have as a director. It’s been very fun and a privilege to sing with her. And I’ve found out there’s more to singing than just opening your mouth. It feels like GCCC has made me a better person and a better singer and if I hadn’t made that choice of joining I would never be who I am today. Now the only problem after I “graduate” is figuring out what I’m supposed to do with my Thursday nights now!