RJ Morin - Graduate of 2010

RJ Morin
I have been in Grand cities for only three years but I wish that I would have found out about it long before because I have found that I like it A LOT. But through the three years I have been in GCCC I have been in Primo Voce and Divo Voce. My choir time has been very fun. I have made a lot of friends and many new skills that I am using daily now in choir. The skills I have obtained have put me ahead of other kids in my choir class and given me a chance at bigger and better things. “Jabberwocky” has been my favorite song along with “Farvel”. “Jabberwocky” is because it is very fun, entertaining, and an all around fun song. “Farvel” is a good song because it sums up the years that we have had in GCCC. One of my favorite memories has got to be when we went on the Wild West tour. I saw the Medora Musical and traveled many miles with many friends and singing . Talk about a fun time! My advice for next year's singers is to give it your all because there are people around you who will help you with your weaknesses and help you to be a great singer. Try to be at every rehearsal and practice with all you have. Even if you are the shyest person you will make friends, so don't be afraid to come out of your bubble.