Nina Coster - Graduate of 2009

Nina Coster
I have been in GCCC for five years. I remember my mom asking me if I wanted to be in the Grand Cities Children's Choir. I didn't want to join, but my mom talked me into going to the choir's summer camp. There I learned things that I still apply to my everyday singing. I also met one great woman, Mrs. Popejoy. I really enjoyed the camp and performing. Even so, I was very reluctant at the audition the next year. My mom told me to jump right in and try, so I did. I was very excited when I made it into Accordo Voce. The next year I was very confident in my auditions, and I made it into Accordo Voce again! After that, I was in Carino with Mrs. Mercer, and then Primo with both Mrs. Popejoy and Mrs. Mercer. This year I was lucky enough to make it into Divo Voce. We sing some amazing literature in GCCC, some of the ones that stick out most are “My Favorite Things”, which I sang at summer camp, “Farvel”, and of course “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”. There are so many things about Grand Cities that will forever be engraved in my heart. I like getting to know new people that I would never have gotten to meet otherwise. I like hanging out with them at game night and during break. There are so many memories of me laughing and having a good time that I can't unscramble them all just to pick out a few. I feel like this was the one place where everyone was together for the same reason and were all after a common goal. After every concert I felt that we always achieved that goal. My advice to younger kids is to just jump in and have fun with it. If you love singing as much as I do, this is the place you want to be. It goes fast and you will miss it when you're gone, but it is so worth it.