Matthew Davis - Graduate of 2009

Matthew Davis
Six years ago, I wanted to do something different, away from school. I was given the info sheet on GCCC in music class one day, so I brought it home, and my mom called and got me an audition. I sang “Are You Sleeping” and some other songs for Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Popejoy, Mrs. Cory, and some other people who sitting at a table with lots of papers. I was so nervous. When the letter came in the mail that said I made it into Accordo Voce I was so excited and happy. Some of my favorite memories are playing dodge ball at Red Willow during GCCC Camp; choir practices with Mrs. Brooks standing or should I say jumping on the piano bench with all her energy and me just hoping the bench wouldn’t fall or break; the Wild West tour; and especially singing at the conductor convention in Bismarck where we stunned the crowd with our AMAZING SINGING! I will also never forget the confidence Mrs. Mercer had in me when she gave me a solo in the ‘08 Spring concert. Among some of my favorite songs are “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup” and “Here’s to Song.” I have been in GCCC for 6 AMAZING years, 3 years in Accordo Voce with Mrs. Brooks, 1 year in “Primo Voce” with Mrs. Popejoy, 1 year in “Primo Voce” with Mrs. Popejoy and Mrs. Mercer and 1 year in “Divo Voce” with Mrs. Popejoy. This experience has been so fun and enjoyable for me. Every week seeing friends, GG’s, Mrs. Popejoy and everyone involved in GCCC has been a huge highlight of my life. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I wish I could be a part of it forever! All the directors and GG’s have helped me learn so much and especially helped me to gain self confidence. My advice to all the singers and future singers of GCCC is to enjoy every minute of GCCC because it goes by so fast. Always give it your all because it will pay off, and listen to your directors....they do know what they are talking about. Thanks for it all!!!