Laura Allensworth - Graduate of 2010

Laura Allensworth
I remember the first time I sang in GCCC. I felt exhilarated. I was singing with a room full of kids that weren't just doing it for an "easy A". These kids, just like me, loved to sing! That day was 3 years ago, and it still feels great to be involved in the Grand Cities Children's choir! My first year, I was in Primo, and the following two years I was in the first ever Divo group! I was so excited! I absolutely loved my two directors! Mrs. Popejoy and Mrs. Mercer are some of the nicest and most driven people I have ever known. I have enjoyed every minute of my involvement in GCCC. With this group I feel like I can open up and just have a blast every Thursday - singing my heart out with my friends! Before Grand Cities I was really shy to almost everyone, unless I had known them for like 5 years! Now I have the courage to meet new people almost fearlessly! Grand Cities let me show my true self to new people and boosted my confidence tremendously. Even if for only a few years, I am so happy I had this wonderful experience! I hope Grand Cities Children's Choir is around forever so other people like me have the opportunity to branch out and discover themselves!