Kenzie Dorsher - Graduate of 2010

Kenzie Dorsher
I have been in GCCC for six years. I was first in Canto, then Accordo, then Accordo, then Primo, then Divo and lastly Divo. One of my all time favorite songs that we sang was “Omnia Soul”! I absolutely loved that song! And of course I loved “Here's to Song”. I also got the great opportunity to sing “Farvel”. I really loved that one. It was just so pretty and flowing. And one of my favorite funny songs to sing was “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”. One of my most favorite memories was when Divo Voce went to Bismarck! That was so much fun! It was fun to be with the older people and to sing in front of a different crowd. And when it was our time to sing, I don’t think anyone was nervous or scared. It’s like everything just went away. And I loved listening to the other groups sing when we were there. They were also very good. Another one of my favorite memories was when I went to my very first retreat, and it was freezing cold and windy but I had so much fun being with the other kids and singing. GCCC has helped me so much as a person and a musician. I am more outgoing and friendlier. I'm not shy anymore. And for singing, I have learned so many new things from the directors’ advice about breathing and diction, etc. I feel like I know myself better and I have made friends from choir that know who I am and they don’t judge. My advice is to really listen to the directors because they absolutely know what they’re talking about. Also to respect them and don’t goof off during rehearsal until break time. Another thing is to really take it in because each year goes by faster, so make it last!!