Alaina Patry - Graduate of 2011

Alaina Patry
Grand Cities Children’s Choir: that’s the name, that’s the title, that’s what defines us. But we are more than just a “Children’s Choir”. We’re a community. We’re individuals. We’re a family. I’ve been in this choir six years and if I had to narrow it down to the single most important thing I’ve learned, it’d have to be that we are together, through this all. I’ve seen new generations come in smiling, with hope in their eyes, and old generations leave smiling with tears in their eyes. The bonds and relationships I’ve made here will stay with me long past my years in Grand Cities. Now, if I said I had always liked everyone in the choir, I’d be lying. Asking anyone- much less a hormonal teenage girl- to be best friends with everyone is like sledding down Everest: unnecessarily dangerous. You don’t have to like everyone to get along with them. That’s been a major lesson for me from day one. When you’re in a choir, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or girl, tall or short, or a third grader or an eighth grader—we all have to get along. This is Grand Cities Children’s Choir, not Grand Cities Soloists. Though every voice is important, all of us have to work together to make this music, not just good, but Grand Cities good.

Sadly, I’m leaving this year. Grand Cities has made such a wonderful impact in my life; I can only wish the best for all the kids lucky enough to be accepted. The best advice I can think of for next year’s hopefuls is simply this: BE CONFIDENT! All of you have made it into this choir because you have a gift, now embrace it. This isn’t your school choir, this is Grand Cities Children’s Choir, and you have been given the privilege of singing with some of the best voices in the area. All of you are here because you have a passion for music. If anyone can make these words sing (no pun intended) it’s you. So don’t just sit in your chair like a lump! Sit up straight! Hold your head high! Belt it like you’re alone in your room. Because this isn’t about you, it’s about us, and this is our time to shine.