Andrea Hollingworth - Graduate of 2009

Andrea Hollingworth
About five years ago, I moved to Grand Forks. It was my 5th grade year and a lot was new to me, especially Grand Cities. We had Accordo come in and sing for us one time to show just a little of what it was like to be in Grand Cities. One look at those ugly plaid skirts, and I knew I didn’t want to be in it. Sure, it was singing, but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like that. A couple years went by without word of the program until the summer before 7th grade. My mom brought it up to my little brother and I, asking if we knew what it was and if we wanted to try it. At first I was a little reluctant to try, but I was finally persuaded to try out. The audition went fine and before I knew it I was in Carino Voce with Mrs. Mercer. I will never forget how I felt that first day. I had the awesome feeling of being somewhere I truly enjoyed and wanted to spend my time. I was so excited and happy that my mom had to tell me to calm down when I got in the car to go home. Every day since then has been a blast. My next year was in Primo Voce with Mrs. Mercer and Mrs. Popejoy, and my third and final year as a 9th grader was in Divo Voce with Mrs. Popejoy.

Throughout the years of GCCC, I have loved all the songs we’ve sung. There were some I didn't like at first but grew on me, and others that I instantly loved within seconds. I wish so badly that I could remember more of the songs we sang because they were so good. If you asked me to pick my favorite song, I would not have an answer for you. If you asked me the song that touched me the most though, I would have to say “Farvel”. When I was in 8th grade and the 9th grade sang it for the first time, I melted. I wanted, needed almost, to sing that song myself. You can only imagine the joy I had when I got it. Ever since then, I feel the need to try every time I hear it, or sing it. I can't exactly explain it, but that song has reached my heart and my soul in a way that not many others have, maybe not any.

As for favorite memories, I would have to say every day. Every day was a special journey, a path to follow. When I look back, the things that stand out to me the most were the game nights in the basement of Red River, the retreats, and all the trips we had, especially the Wild West Tour. Without those moments, my years of GCCC wouldn't be complete.
Grand Cities has helped vocally, socially, and many other ways. It made me a better singer, friend, and student. My confidence grew with my music, and also with being more outgoing. I learned a lot through those few years and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Future singers need to know that if you really care about what you're doing here, the time is worth it. The effort is worth it. GCCC is about singing, but it’s also about fun. Don't forget to have fun while you're there. It helps you meet new people that are just like you. They have a need for singing and enjoy it. As I finish writing this, all my memories come spilling out and my eyes begin to water. I will miss those days at Grand Cities Children's Choir, and I will hold on to the memories for the rest of my life.