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GCCC is a non-profit organization that is a division of the Summer Performing Arts Program and the Grand Forks Public Schools. GCCC uses a combination of student tuition, fundraisers, granted funds, and private donations to fund our program throughout the year. If you are interested in supporting the Grand Cities Children's Choir, please check out the information below. Thank you!

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About Our Contributors

MYRA FOUNDATION - John Botsford, Kent Cronquist, and Donna Gillig-Trustees
The Myra Foundation was established in 1941 after the death of Grand Forks County farm landowner John Myra.  The Foundation owns 5600 acres of farmland in Grand Forks County that is leased out to local farmers each year, and the income generated from the farming operations is used for charitable, character building, and educational purposes.  This grant is unique because its income comes from one of our state’s most valuable assets, the land, and distributes that wealth to benefit an even greater asset, its people.  We thank the Myra Foundation for supporting our tuition assistance and student mentor programs and the “Voices of the World” Children’s Choral Festival.

GRAND FORKS PARK & RECREATION FOUNDATION - Administered by Park District Commissioners Bill Hutchinson, Jay Panzer, Jim Bollman, Greg LaDouceur, and Brian Westlund
This year the Park District provided the Choir with granted funds for the “Fill the Closet” Project which will be taking place in the next few weeks.  The funding will allow us to buy back used uniforms from Choir members, clean them over the summer, and offer them at a reduced rate for purchase in the fall.  We hope that this will help to lower the cost to families of having to purchase a new Choir uniform for their singer by offering a “gently used” uniform instead at a reduced cost.  The GCCC is one of many programs supported by the "Ulland Fund" Grant of the Park District Foundation and we appreciate their support of children in the arts.

NORTH VALLEY ARTS COUNCIL (NoVAC) - Nicole Derenne and Danielle Masters-Administering funds made available by the Mayor and City Council for the funding of Arts Programs in the City of Grand Forks
When I started as Finance Director for the Choir seven years ago, I knew very little about grant funding in arts programs until I met Nicole Derenne at NoVAC.  At the time she and NoVAC were a one-person operation, existing on a financial shoestring.  But she took great pains to help me get started and NoVAC has continued to be a generous resource in the success of our Choir Program.  This year NoVAC has approved a grant for the support of the “Voices of the World” Children’s Choral Festival to be held here in Grand Forks on April 30th -May 1st.  This Festival is an immersion of hundreds of choral students into the cultures of Scandinavia, India, Uganda, and Kyrgyzstan and celebrates the diversity that is a part of our world.  The funds that are administered by NoVAC are provided by the City of Grand Forks as recommended by the Mayor and City Council, so please express your thanks to them for their generous support of a huge number of arts programs in our community. 

We have had a web site presence for the past few years as a connection to the Summer Performing Arts (SPA) web site, but we haven’t utilized it to the extent that we would like.  Thanks to a Technology Grant made available by the North Dakota Council on the Arts, our very own techno-expert, Kecia Peters, will be updating that site over the summer and making it a place where singers, parents, and members of the community can go to find out what is going on in the Grand Cities Children’s Choir.  Jan Webb and the Arts Council are a tremendous arts advocacy resource for the people of North Dakota and support artists and programs of all kinds from every corner of North Dakota.  We are very proud that they are our partner in the support of vocal excellence for children in the Grand Forks area.

GRAND FORKS PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Dr. Larry Nybladh and Mr. Jody Thompson
In a tight economy, when there is talk of trimming school budgets, arts programs are often the first to be cut back or eliminated.  We are so very fortunate to live in a community where the performing arts have enjoyed tremendous support by the administration and staff of the Grand Forks Public Schools.  The visual arts, such as drawing, painting and photography are very well taught in our schools as are the performing arts of music, dance and theatre.  School District support of the arts continues as new and remodeled performing venues will be constructed at Central and Red River in the upcoming years.  We thank the Grand Forks Public Schools for the support of our Choir Program, of the “Voices of the World” Children’s Choral Festival, and of all of the arts programs available to the
children in our community.

XCEL ENERGY - Judi Paukert, Community Relations Manager
This is a corporate giant that really supports every community that has an Xcel Energy connection.  They allow and encourage their employees to take company time to become active volunteers in all kinds of organizations within the community and also provide granted funds to those groups whose programs have financial need.  Xcel Energy has been a contributing partner to GCCC programs for many years and this year has provided generous funding to our student mentor program.  We appreciate their continued support and financial generosity.

FINANCIAL OR “IN-KIND” CONTRIBUTIONS - There are several individuals and organizations who have generously given of their time and financial resources in the past year.  They are:
The Summer Performing Arts (SPA) Company - Dean Opp, Brad Sherwood, and Allison Peterson
Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and Region - Kristi Mishler and Sheila Bruhn
Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau - Julie Rygg and Diane Blair
The Son’s of Norway
Myra Foundation  
Leon’s Building Center
Monica Musich - Valley Dairy
Linn Hodgson - Ad Monkeys
Dave and Karen Molmen - Altru Health System
Joey Benoit - University of North Dakota
American Association of University Women
Rita Schuster
Dr. Rebecca Green
Barb and Paul Nistler
JoAnn and Darrel Cory
Halzberg Jewelers

Many thanks to our parent board and all of the parent volunteers at the various choir events throughout the performing season and to those who supported our “Butter Braids” and “Trivia Night” fundraisers – your help and support all made a positive difference.

Greg Nelson – GCCC Finance Director