Lynn Liepold, Accompanist - Canto Voce

Lynn Liepold
Lynn Liepold is an accomplished pianist and organist with over 30 years of musical experience.  She has served as accompanist for numerous choirs and soloists, both vocal and instrumental throughout the upper Midwest.  She is currently the Director of Music Ministries at United Lutheran Church.  Mrs. Liepold is also a gifted seamstress and is currently working with UND Space Studies and NASA in the creation of a new space suit for the upcoming missions to the moon and mars.  She also owns and operates Lynn’s Sewing for You.   She and her husband, Loren, are proud supporters of GCCC.  Their son, Chris, is a GG for one of the choirs.   Their daughter, Bonnie, a junior at Minn. State Univ. - Mankato is a graduate of the GCCC program.   They also have a son, Mark, who is a senior at the U of M, Minneapolis.