About Poco Voce

Director, Annella Winger
Accompanist, Roxanne Gessler

Rehearsal Time - 5:30 - 6:30 pm Th. Tuition - $150/year plus uniform

Poco Voce is the name given to the youngest ensemble of the GCCC program.  This ensemble is open to boys & girls in Grade 3 who demonstrate the ability to sing with others by matching pitch, express a desire to develop their vocal potential, and behave in a manner that enhances the development of the choral ensemble.  The choir performs unison literature and will be introduced to part-singing through rounds, partner songs, and ostinatos.  Rehearsals focus on vocal skill development, ear training, sight singing, and performance preparation.

Poco Voce - "Little Voices"

Group photos provided by Erin Phillips at Soulshine Photography.