About Our GGs

GG Coordinators:
Poco - Haley Lund
Canto - Laurie Holcomb
Accordo - Alex Stroth
Primo - Jasmyne White

Graduates of the Grand Cities Children’s Choir program have the option to serve as mentors (GGs) during their 10-12 grade years.   These students spend numerous hours volunteering their time and talents to each of the choirs.  In return, the hours can be counted towards community service on their high school transcripts.

The GGs developed their own mission statement: "We seek to inspire, motivate , and guide individuals  on a path of musical excellence, while encouraging them to bring out the best in themselves and each other."

The goals of the mentor program are to make one-on-one connections with GCCC members; to act as musical and personal role models; to assist with rehearsals musically as section leaders, by demonstrating vocal techniques, and critical listening skills; to assist with rehearsals in business, organizational and social matters; to motivate members of the GCCC program to “Strive for Excellence”; and to be exposed to possible careers in music education.

Grazioso Guidares - "Gracious Guides"

Photos by Sherwood Photography - Contact: bsherwood@gfschools.org