Director Contacts

Please contact your child's director with any questions or to report an absence:

Melanie Popejoy, Primo VoceValley Middle School
(701) 746-2360

Becky Mercer, Primo VoceValley Middle School
(701) 746-2360

Geoff Mercer, Accordo VoceCentral High School
(701) 787-4059

Ruth Ann Tuseth, Canto VoceHome
(701) 772-9270

Connie Stordalen, Poco VoceCentury Elementary School
(701) 787-4241

Used Uniform Policy

This year, the Grand Forks Park District provided the Choir with granted funds for our new “Fill the Closet” Project .  The funding has allowed us to buy back used uniforms from Choir members and allow singers to rent them for the season for the price of dry-cleaning the uniform at season's end.  We hope that this will help to reduce the costs for our families. Gently used polo shirts from our younger choirs are also available to puchase for half the cost of purchasing a new polo.

Fees for renting a uniform or purchasing a new uniform are below:

New Uniform Prices: Dress - $70
Tux Shirt - $18
Tux Pants - $22
Tux Vest - $24

Rental fees:Dress - $14
Tux Shirt - $3
Tux Pants - $5
Tux Vest - $5
Poco, Canto, & Accordo VOCE:
New Polos - $14