Director Contacts

Please contact your child's director with any questions or to report an absence:

Melanie Popejoy, Primo VoceUniversity of North Dakota
(701) 777-2818

Danielle Larson, Accordo VoceValley Middle School
(701) 746-2205 Ext. 3339

Ruth Ann Tuseth, Canto VoceHome
(701) 772-9270

Annella Winger, Poco

GCCC Parent Meeting Videos

Didn't make it to GCCC registration night? Don't fret. Catch up on this year's events and important information by watching your child's parent meeting video.

Kecia is not a video converting master and could not figure out how to make Mrs. Tuseth stand upright. So, for Canto's video, you may just want to listen or perhaps lie down on your couch and rest so that you don't get dizzy while watching. ;)


Poco Voce - Grade 3
Canto Voce - Grades 4 - 6

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Accordo Voce - Grades 5 - 6
Primo Voce - Grades 7 - 9