Director Contacts

Please contact your child's director with any questions or to report an absence:

Melanie Popejoy, Divo VoceValley Middle School
(701) 746-2360

Becky Mercer, Primo VoceValley Middle School
(701) 746-2360

Geoff Mercer, Accordo VoceCentral High School
(701) 787-4059

Ruth Ann Tuseth, Canto VoceHome
(701) 772-9270

Connie Stordalen, Poco VoceCentury Elementary School
(701) 787-4241

Concert Dress Requirements

At the beginning of the year, choir members’ measurements will be taken and uniforms ordered. All items for all of the choirs are ordered through Grand Cities except those notated below with an *. These items you will need to provide yourself.

Singers are encouraged to wear their star pins with their concert attire, marking the number of years participating in the GCCC program.

Formal concert attire:
For girls: long red dress with black bodice, black nylons*, black shoes*.
For boys: black tux vest and pants, tux shirt, cuff links, button covers and gold/black buttonhole studs, black socks*, black shoes*.

Informal concert attire:
Black wind shirt, white t-shirt, black pants*, and athletic shoes*.

Accordo VOCE:
Concert attire:
For girls: navy GCCC polo shirt, dress khaki pants* (no cargo pants or gauchos) or full-length khaki skirt*, black socks*, black shoes*.

For boys: navy GCCC polo shirt, dress khaki pants* (no cargo pants), black socks*, black shoes*.
Khaki pants or skirts must be light or stone in color, not olive or camel colored. Check with your director if you have questions regarding the color of your child’s uniform.

Poco AND Canto VOCE:
Concert attire:
For girls: yellow (Poco) or red (Canto) GCCC polo shirt, full-length or below-knee length black skirt*, black tights*, black shoes*. (Black pants* and black socks* may be substituted.)

For boys: yellow (Poco) or red (Canto) GCCC polo shirt, black pants*, black socks*, black shoes*.

For All GCCC:
Each member is expected to keep his/her concert attire in excellent condition, i.e. pressed, cleaned, etc. Formal concert attire is intended to be worn only for performances. Informal concert attire (such as wind shirts) may be worn outside of performances, however, you should remember that when wearing these articles, you represent GCCC and appropriate conduct is expected.

Good personal hygiene is a must for all singers. Shirts are to be tucked in. Dresses should be pressed and wrinkle-free. Hair should be groomed away from the face and may be fastened with a natural (matching hair color) barrette (no bows, ribbons, colored barrettes). No unusual colored hair dye, obvious make-up, cosmetics, or perfume is permitted. Jewelry, earrings (only stud earrings will be allowed), accessories, watches, etc. should not be worn.